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GPU card spinning, but No signal to Monitor Plz Help

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Hey all.
I have an old custom computer that seems to run like it normally should, but
I have an issue at the moment,
Here's the story:

Before this problem occurred, whatever game I played randomly led me to BSOD, and lead me to reformat the computer.
After I reformatted, the BSOD still would randomly come with no luck whenever I play any game. BSOD doesn't show up whenever I browse the internet. I reinstalled all the drivers and updated everything. Also I reset BIOS back to default settings with no overclocking Then I read the BSOD and led me to open up the case to reseat the video card and ram, and got the dust out of the way. After I reseated them, this problem came up with no signal to the monitor.

The computer turns on like it normally should: GPU fan spins, but there is no signal to my monitor, which leads to a black screen.
However, I noticed the cpu heat sink fan also continuously stops and attempts to spin again after each second.
Checked the wires, reseated the ram, checked the power plug to my CPU heatsink fan and reseated the plug, and reseated the video card, dusted everything, and unfortunately to my motherboard, there is no onboard video.

Which leads me to a confusion to what exactly is wrong. Is it the video card, PSU, motherboard, or the heatsink fan.
I'm out of ideas to this problem. I need a 2nd opinion to this situation. What are the odds to the causes of this problem?

Here are my specs:

Gigabyte GA P35-DS3L
Intel Core 2 Duo E4400
Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT
Stock CPU heatsink
Onboard audio

Thank you in advance.
If more info is needed please reply.
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It might be that your GPU has died. From the BSODs you described, it sounds like something was definitely on its way out. However, like you said, it could also be any number of other things causing the issue. Try to systematically swap out and test each component if you can, but otherwise you may have to just take it in to a PC store for them to figure out.
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Well I just want to figure out, which part is more likely to be wrong. So can you tell me what the chances are and which is more likely to be wrong?
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Like I said, most likely your GPU since you're not getting a monitor signal, but the issues you described with the CPU fan starting and stopping could also mean its an issue with the PSU, or even CPU or mobo (though this is less likely). There's no really easy solution to figure out what's wrong without having spare parts on hand to swap in and out, and also since you can't even look at the BIOS or any diagnostics/software based stability tests.
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