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780ti tri sli problem

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Hello.. Im having some serious problems with my 780ti tri sli.. My specs are 3930k @ 4.8ghz, rampage extreme iv, 32gb of corsair dominator and 3 x 780ti msi gaming.. Cpu,mobo and gpu all watercooled..

Two cards works like a charm and is really nice, its when i activate the third card things just arent working.. Lower fps in games than with two cards, think i got about 5-6 fps in firestrike on the last graphic test, completley undoable.... About 35-40 there with two cards.

Everything is running in PCI-E 3.0. Have the latest drivers, latest bios for my motherboard,, Every card works great for them selves so nothing wrong there And the PSU is a XFX 1250w..I Figured that would be enough because all cards are running at stock, no oc.

Runing windows 8.1 pro. Maybe someone has an idea whats wrong here.. Thanks anyway
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Here is what you have to check for

1) make sure you have sufficient / clean power being fed to your cards
2) reinstall the drivers (perform a clean install)
3) make sure your 3rd card is not faulty, what happens if you run the 3rd card by itself, will it perform as it should? (sorry i didnt read the bottom part of your post)
4) make sure your SLI bridge is not faulty / installed properly
5) dont forget to restart after making any changes smile.gif

and Good luck... that should sum it up for you biggrin.gif
Hope that helps smile.gif
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