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Hey guys,

I recently got an xbox 360. I put it under my desk with my two computers, all running into an HDMI switcher and then into my ASUS hdmi 1080p monitor.
The picture quality on the xbox with the monitor is really blurry and not sharp at all. But my mac and my pc running into the same monitor are crystal clear and super sharp, as you would expect with HD.
Ive even tried connecting the xbox directly into the monitor with no switcher to no avail, and ive tried almost all the settings on the xbox with no fix. Heck, even the xbox connected with composite cables to my old Sony standard def CRT TV was super crisp compared to the xbox into my ASUS monitor. and also i tried my xbox 360 with my friend's Samsung 720P 32 inch LED TV and it looked amazing

You might say that then the problem is my monitor... but then why do my computers look amazing and crisp/sharp with the same monitor, just not my xbox?

any thoughts?