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Thanks for the replies! I've went through the website and emailed to find all the information I need. Unfortunately they are really scattered around the website. For example I'm interested in STH10, I basically need all the following three webpages:


plus the color comparison image this post provides. (The webpage does not provide pictures for the white or gunmetal color.)

guess it's not a big deal eventually figured it out. still hope that the STH10 page can host pictures from the other two pages so that I get to understand what each option is referring to.
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Did you flip through all 44 images provided on the STH10 page? The very last one (#44) is the color swatch shown above. The others have descriptions about what the picture is showing.
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Um... interesting, I didn't realize that there are so many images in the page. Thought there are only like 10 images. Now I see it.
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