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Scenario: I'm playing BF4 no overclock on and the power target in evga precision at 98% and every single game i play in bf4 the card crashes.

Scenario 2: Playing titanfall NO overclock the thing crashes AGAIN straight to desktop.

Scenario 3: JUST AWFUL, I'm playing bf4 and listening to music on youtube and the WHOLE computer just locks up and glitches(music plays GLITCH music continues GLITCH etc,)

I'm using the new 337 drivers and even my old drivers did the same thing, Scenario 3 has happened in titanfall, bf4, and civ 5. I'm pretty good with computers but I'm totally frustrated with this problem.

i5 3570
gigabyte z77 d3h
hyper x 1600mhx 4x2gb
evga 660ti SC edition