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I might this month be able to afford some new active studio monitors, my current speakers are krk rokit powered 5 g3 which sound good, a deep enhanced bass :rolleyes:and a neutral non fattigue top with enough power for my needs.

I like a neutral sound with a precise and tight bass (not in anyway as slim as the m-audio bx5 d2's,yamaha hs5), only gonna use them to listen to music,games,youtube, NOT mixing.

The space i use in my living room is about 2.5 meter wide,2-2.5 meter high and 4.5 meter long and because i don't have so much space on my desk max 5-6" woofer, if the speakers arent to big

So fare i have listen to Adam A5x (which is the size and max price i am going for), the krk vxt 6 should have an even better bass them my krk rokit 5 g3 and the adams, but a bit pricey

The Dynaudio DBM50 is unfortunally a bit to big, but the price is very good

What can you tell my about the speakers and is there any one other then the adam A5X and Krk VXT6 you would recommend me to listen to (if possible)

650€ with delivery (denmark) is my limited