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[Battlefield 4] FPS display issues.

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For some strange reason no matter what I use to read my battlefield 4 fps it will only go up to 60fps. I have changed the cap and tried everything else. Apparently the fps will not read higher that the refresh rate of your monitor when it comes to bf4. But I have seen reviews done on 60hz monitors where you see the fps go into the 80s/100s. Does anyone know what the issue is?
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So far we don't know if your computer is even capable of going over 60 fps in BF4. rolleyes.gif

It would be nice to know if you are using an r7 240, or a GTX 780ti, trying to play at 720P or 4K...?
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I am only running a 7850, I am playing at 1080p, when I first got the game I could see it go above 60, now it is just on 60 FPS constant
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Even if I play on lowest settings at the lowest resolution (I did this to test if my card just couldn't go over 60) and the same again just 60fps constant
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How on earth did you manage to get any FPS with only a 7850?

If you had like, a celeron you could get some fps, if you had a 3770K I am sure you would get over 60 FPS quite often with the 7850, but with ONLY,.... a 7850?

You should give us more info for troubleshooting purposes. I know typing is time consuming, but the more you do it the faster you get.

And yes, it does sound like vsync to me as well. it could also be a frame limiter.

I suggest firing up something like BF4 settings editor, go into the console tab and make sure there is no frme limiter in place even if vsync is off itll cap your FPS.
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