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I have just built my new PC and for a month been testing fine. Running Prime95 with good results at Vcore 1.320 @ 4.5GHZ.

Suddenly yesterday windows 8.1 BSOD running prime. Happens at the exact same spot when workers are changing the first task.. Temps are fine as before 70*C load . No changes made. Now I must up my Vcore to 1.38 to run Prime stable again with much more heat as result.

Is the 4930K degrading very quickly? Or is it a windows8.1 issue? Perhaps reinstall windows.

Thought it could be TIM issue between H110 and CPU but temps seem OK.

Anyone have idea?

BR Anders

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new cpus can degrade after first few months and require a little more vcore so that could be the issue im not 100% sure could try a differt tool to stress test and you need to fill out your system info.

Similar happened to me on a chip, wasn't needing such a big vcore bump though