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Corsair 350D/Micro-ATX or 450D/ATX . . .

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Hey all, I was wondering what you think might be a better option for a long-term, "future-friendly"/upgradeable build, but also the most practical:

A) To build a Micro ATX system with a Maximus VI Gene and 4770K in a Corsair Obsidian 350D with 2 GTX 780s GPUs in SLI; or

B) To build an ATX system with a Maximus VI Extreme and 4770K with 2 GTX 780s in an Obsidian 450D.

This build will be a 3 monitor HD video editing and flight simulator machine, and a crucial heavy-duty research work station running 17-20 hours/day and often days on end with a very large number of analysis programs and windows open (web browsers, Word, Adobe Acrobat/PDF, Powerpoint, etc.)--all simultaneously.

The ATX/450D case is about 2" taller and 2" deeper than the Micro-ATX/350D case--(either way the case will sit on my desk). I am concerned about heat factor running 2 GPUs in SLI with a Micro-ATX/350D case due to closeness of the two GPU cards (valid concern?).

Lastly, I am very curious about thoughts on whether you feel 2 GPUs are even needed for the purpose of the build above (Flight Simulator, HD video editing, very heavy duty workstation, etc. . . . . using 3 monitors). The new ***6GB*** GTX 780 is due out any time . . . and with this in mind, if I used this card, would it still be recommended to use 2 GPUs in SLI?

. . . And if 2 GPUs are not needed, and if 1 GPU is considered more than sufficient, would this change your thoughts on whether or not a Mid-Tower 450D case with a full ATX motherboard might still be preferred over a Micro-ATX/350D case? I must admit from the reviews and *many* videos and images I have seen, I think I like the quality and build of the 350D case a bit better (not to mention the slightly larger window in the 350D)--but ultimately both case are nice and I am more concerned about performance, long-term health of components (heat issues) and "future-friendliness"/upgradeability.

What are your thoughts on these questions, and preferences between these 2 cases in general. I keep going back and forth and would most appreciate some more experienced insights/wisdom on this--thank you very much!
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