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under $200 for a chiller

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ive found a chiller on ebay. made for lasers. ended up getting it for $150 with shipping. i had to buy a thermostat for a walk in cooler from my local re micheals(hvac store) so i could have it cycle as needed. ($45)

also i had to supply the built in 12v pump with external power. and cut the quick connect bulk heads off.

well the chiller with no load will take 20c water to 0c in about 15 minutes. it has a half gallon res built into it. uses a inverter to take 120v to 24v for the compressor. the entire thing except the pump is all german parts. after messing with set points i have it come on when the water temp hits 60f and shuts off when it hits 50f. with prime95 running at full load it will hold the temp right where it was when prime95 started.

it will go sub zero. they lab tested it with alcohol and it hit -15

my conclusion so far is this thing is awesome for the price and surprisingly quieter than my rad fans!! the guy has 3 or 4 left if anyone is interested. Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2
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Dude! Awesome! I love seeing stuff like this. How big overall is this? Have any pictures of the fittings you cut and replaced?

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