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Hi guys,
So first of specs...
Core i3 4330
Kingston Hyper Blu 8gig
Samsung Evo 840
Gigabyte B85M-D3H

What has happened:

About 3 weeks ago, I moved my rig from a bedroom to the living room. After I had moved the computer and set everything back up, I went to boot up and the computer wouldn't get past loading windows with out restarting. Now at this time I had a GTX 670, I thought pulling the card would be a good way to start, since I was getting post and loading windows. Just so happened that the was the cause, I was able to get into windows & everything was running fine. When I pulled the card, I gave it a look over and I noticed that a couple of the copper leads where missing, you know the ones on the board that go into the PCI slot.

I contacted EVGA and RMAd the card since I saw there was physical defects. Which this is how I got to having the GTX 770, EVGA was kind enough to upgrade me to!

So I went to install the new card today, along with a new 1TB WD Blue drive at the same time. Got everything installed and after that I couldn't get the system to load windows, it would post though. I decided to do what I did before and pull the card since it was really the only new major component.

The computer seems fine, other than the fact that I have a problem with the WD Blue drive showing up in windows, right now it is showing the BIOS though.

Something I just noticed though is that the new 770 card is actually missing the same copper leads as the original 670. With that being said, could I have a bad PCI slot? Is that what is causing windows to not load as well as damaging my GFX cards?

I have also removed old drivers with DDU and uplugged the drive and tried booting with out it.
Pretty confused at what is happening and any guidance would be so helpful!

Thank you!