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Originally Posted by leighspped View Post

Just for 80$ I would get an AIO and if ur not OC Skip the K version of CPU

Aios are no where as quiet as a good air cooler, and i'm going to oc so i'm getting the k version.
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Originally Posted by ADHDadditiv View Post

Ok so I've been thinking about doing this for a while now, making a silent rig that is.

I'll start by telling you why you shouldnt get an RM series PSU. Basically, ATM they are rolling out a fix for a problem they had on release (at least as far as I've been told), but stores are still selling the old, bad units. They had some problem with some of the caps AFAIK. Either way, not a good idea.



Your CPU, if you want to stay silent, overclocking won't be what you want to do. Overclocking creates more heat, thereby making the fans spin faster, thereby making more noise. Keeping that in mind, the E3-1230v3 is only like $230ish and is slightly more powerful then the 4770k stock, but it uses less power and produces less heat. You cant overclock it, but like I said, you dont want to, you want to make this as quiet as possible.

For the CPU cooler, just get a cooler like the hyper 212 EVO and swap the fans out for some quiet Noctua ones. Sure you may not be overclocking, but it will keep the noise down because of the quieter fans and superior cooling abilities over the stock chip.

Motherboard, that sabertooth is totally pointless. Get a nice H87 board for good reliability, or if you think your going to go SLI in the future you will need a Z87 board.

RAM is pretty decent, though I think there is some G.Skill ram for cheaper that is just as good, if not better then the low profile vengeance you picked. Try and keep the voltage down below 1.5V. That way you also keep the heat down, and further save on the need for fans.

The storage you picked looks good. Nice large SSD so you shouldnt really need to use the HDD. That will cut down on noise A LOT.

Video card looks good, though consider the Asus version. I believe it is a bit quieter when the cards are clocked the same.

The R4 is a good choice, nice quiet case with lots of sound dampening. Though, just to make it even quieter, change the fans out for noctua's. Just because.

As I mentioned, the RM series is not great ATM. You could get a good one you could get a bad one. Mainly you dont want to have to RMA a PSU, for obvious reasons. I suggest a Seasonic X550 or 650. I have the 850W version and its so quiet I have to put my ear up to it to hear the PSU.

Also Welcome to OCN!

CPU: I'm not going to do any crazy overclock but i'm definitely going to do some overclocking so a xeon is a no no.

CPU COOLER: i don't see how a small 120mm single tower cooler could possibly be quieter then a dual tower 150mm cooler with 2 fans

MOBO: I agree i could get away with a cheaper motherboard, but the sabertooth definitely have some nice features that i will be using plus the color scheme matches perfectly with the noctua fans

RAM: Will definitely look into, i mainly choose Corsair because i trust them as a company.

STORAGE: 500GB should be enough for my programs/games but i definitely need more storage for videos, photos and such which is why i decided to get a quiet green drive for mass storage drive

GPU: From the benchmarks i've been looking at the ASUS cooler is the loudest one plus EVGA is known to have amazing warranty.

CASE: Probably going to get Noctua fans

PSU: Will definitely look into
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