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Good-day all

So I have a very frustrating issue here. While scrolling up or down on google for example and when MOVING in games such as wow and TESO, I get this very annoying thin horizontal line that appears in various areas of my screen. It seems like a vsync issue or some issue with framerate vs refresh rate. My monitor is an ASUS proart, so its not a cheap one. So my attempts at fixing this so far are as follows.

-Swapped out monitors
-Tried moving from DVI to HDMI
-Disabled Vsync in Nvidea control panel AND in games
-Reset both GPU's to factory default setting
-Installed latest Nvidea drivers
-Disabled SLI

So keep in mind this is only happening when there is movement on the screen, it is not a constant (like monitor too close to power source)

I'm wondering if this could be caused by something on my MoBo (RAGE 4 extreme) Should I flash my BIOS?? I have a 3 year warrenty on every part of my computer so I want to make sure this is not just something easy to fix before I drag my PC back to the builder for part swaps.

Thanks for any help you guys may have.

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