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Ok so I've been dealing with BSOD's for 3 years with this system. I've dealt with it because I've been stubbornly trying to deal with it but I'm tired of it. I finally want to pick a RAM that is compatible with AMD and this motherboard. I've downloaded the QVL but it's really outdated and most of the ram there isn't even available anymore so I wanted to get some advice here to finally fix this problem which I can almost certainly attribute to the ram, the board not liking the ram or the CPU not liking it. I've tried many different configurations and at times I wouldn't BSOD for a few months but then they would start coming back. I finally want to make a solid choice of ram to replace these nightmares I've had for so long. This is my system and some ram I've been thinking about. Generally I hear about good things about Kingston and this particular board so I've added them to this list of ram I'm thinking of getting. Help and suggestions greatly appreciated. I want to get to overclocking asap because things are sluggish @3.20ghz frown.gif

Many BSOD's were having to do with "ntoskrnl.exe"

AMD Black Edition 955 x4 Deneb RB-C3
G.Skill Ripjaw F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL
520w Seasonic psu
1TB WD hd

Example RAM

Once and for all guys please help me find some ram that will not let me down, thank you.
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