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so bf3 seams to not use more than 10% of one gpu and some times 5-10% on one and 50% on the second gpu
but all i get in game is all from 20-50 fps ON 2 GTX TITANS

so i have done some research on this but i cant find an answer to this

1. vsync is enabled.
nope its not. and still i should get more than 50 fps on just 1 titan.

2. sli is the issue.
nope still have the same problem on 1 gpu.

3. flashplayer is causing issues whit hardware acceleration enabled.
uninstalling flashplayer did nothing.

4. the cpu is a bottleneck.
i have a 3930k the cpu is not an issue and the usage only jumps up by 10% when the game starts.

5. temp is causing the gpu/cpu to down clock.
temp on cpu is stable at 28c thanks to the h100. and the titans are not going over 50c far from the range where it starts down clocking.

6. disk issue.
its running of a ssd and it works fine after all the testes i have done.

7. unstable overclock.
same problem whit base clock. (only thing being oc is the cpu i dont have a reason to oc the titans yet)

8. bad driver.
well i tried the 2 latest nvidia drivers. and i have not played the game a loot the past months, so i cant remember the last god driver is this is the one to blame.

9. bad bios.
well haven't done a loot whit the bios. and i have not done anything telling me this is the problem, as it has worked fine for the past year.

and of course.

10. its your pc its runing unstable.
well it works fine whit EVERY thing else this is only an issue whit bf3

so now at this stage im out of ideas.
so does any of you have a clue about what this is.

sys specs.

gtx titan from asus x2
gts 250 for the 2 other screens (no this is not the one to blame i removed the card and the screens to no help)
intel core i7 3930k
32gb corsair 1600mhz ram
asus rampage iv extreme rev 1.xx

klick (the "tiny" beast) for full specs

all other games run fine maxing the gpus in sli and in single gpu.