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After days of researching, and plenty of great contenders, I have narrowed down my budget/mid range monitor selection. I currently have a Dell 19" E198WFP from 2007, and am looking to upgrade, Although looking at the specs here, it doesn't seem as bad as I thought on paper (5ms response), which makes it all the more important to ensure what I get will be better.

I'm choosing between:

RL2455HM - (BenQ's gaming monitor)

VX238H - (ASUS' (cheaper) Gaming Monitor) (Also where can this be bought reliably in the UK?)

VN247H-P - Quite Popular high-rated

VS239HV/H-P - The IPS Choice (but 5ms response) (Is there a major difference between the HV and H-P) there's also a VX239 as well

also considering GL2460HM and VS238H-P due to low price point- are there any disadvantages of this one over the others?

I could put all the specs and research i've done here, but it would probably be overwhelming, and sometimes conflicting, never mind being hard to compile. What I would like is opinions from people who have experience with these monitors and what the specs really translate to.

Typicaly being ASUS, there are like 100 iterations of the 'same' monitor, so hopefully i've picked the better versions

I'm looking mainly at ebuyer and amazon to buy one.

Is 250cd/m2 a concern? and

Are there likely to be any upcoming monitor sales or price cuts? Is there reason for me to wait (<1 month) to purchase?

What are the significant differences, and which would you recommend/ rule out?