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archive or delete
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go into ur bios and make sure to select the correct gpu, some mobo's don't select the pci-e gpu automatically..

also if you are using a dvi to vga adapter make sure it is plugged into the correct dvi port, one is digital only, u must use the other one, also if you are using a digital connection (HDMI or DVI) try using the analog VGA to see if u can get desktop.
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On my mobo gpu settings I can pick one of these four orders


GFX0 is supposedly my gpu so when I keep the order as is or change it to GPP-GFX0-IGFX-PCI I get no video output.

I don't use a vga adapter, I use a dvi cable and tried both ports on the gpu, while having no output from gpu the onboard gpu doesnt give vga output either.

When I change settings with PCI as first pick I get a VGA error. I think it's because its trying to read my wifi card as gpu?

Also when I pick the last order, I get into boot menu as expected with the onboard gpu. Also my graphics card seems to produce less heat.
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do you by any chance have another system u can throw the gpu in to test it??

That would make life too easy I know so prob not...

would be nice to rule out it or the mobo...
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I can try installing it in the rig of a friend of mine. There' s no hurry to it anymore as I managed to get the hdmi port on my motherboard to work. Also I noticed my rig doesn't need an external gpu anymore since the internal one handles bluray just fine.

Thanks for responding, I will reply again when I' ve tested the gpu.
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good luck!!
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