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Hello! Does anybody knows how to make the program to do following things:

So I need to make a program, that generates random number from 0 to 10, then user needs to guess that number. I know how to do it, but that's not all. In addition I need to make some kind of menu. User can choose the range at which he will guess.

When I press the up arrow on the keyboard, I can move up to 10 and when I press down arrow I can move down to 0. The starting point is 0-10 which is also default. E.g. I move up and down arrows and choose 0-6, then I press Enter and now I'll guess a number in that range, if i select 0-1 then in that range. And user must see, how the range has changed when he moves the arrows. Please help!worriedsmiley.gif How to do that?
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I know there is quite a few softwares out there that do similar stuff. Have u tried googling number generator or something like that. Meaby it already exist

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I know, but I need to do it myself and in Pascal.
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I'm going out on a limb and say this is for a college assignment?

What bit are you stuck on? Presumably you know how to start an empty project?
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