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Greetings all,

I am doing a green build for a Linux workstation and am looking for at least two NVIDIA graphics cards with the bright green "GEFORCE GTX" logo on the visible edge.

Looking for this logo:

Image from

Because this is for a Linux workstation, I don't need speed, but it looks like the lowest-cost card that retains that logo is the reference GTX 770. I don't need the backlight, green plastic as on the EVGA GTX 670FTW would be fine as well. (This would be easier if the visible edge was shown on NewEgg, etc.!)

They do need to be SLI-compatible, but I expect that won't be a problem on any GPU with the green logo.

So, who knows what the lowest-cost card with the green "GEFORCE GTX" logo is currently?

Thanks in advance!

- samwisekoi