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Is My GPU Fine?

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I've been running my Gigabyte GTX 770 (Factory Overclocked) on an overclock of 40 MHz higher than stock for the past week and a half. I haven't run into any issues yet and it has passed Valley benchmark multiple times with no issue as well as extensive gaming sessions on Battlefield 4 (High Settings). I bumped up stock clocks from 1137 (already factory overclocked) to 1177, and my max clock during games boosts up to 1280 MHz. I set a fan curve and my temperatures don't go over 68 Celsius while gaming. I still want to err on the side of caution and make sure running it at these speeds and temps won't affect lifetime significantly. I did raise voltage by 12 mV but GPU Boost 2.0 regulates voltage anyways. I just don't know if overclocking my factory overclocked card is worth it or a good idea. As long as temps are fine, my card shouldn't experience any significant lifetime reduction, right?
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IMO your overclock is fine safety wise. but that 12mV increase in voltage due to such small increase of core and memory isnt necessary really. i think all it will do is cause more heat, which is what you dont want. plus with the GTX 700 series, if you make the fan curve to a too low of a temperature it will cause the card to throttle so much where you will begin to notice significant amounts of performance loss.

what i recommend you do is allow the card to run at a higher, reasonable temperature (it will not damage the card) that will allow your card to run at much higher performance than throttling itself 70% during a BF4 game to try keep its temps as low as 68c

also when overclocking graphic cards, i always look for artifacts. i personally use the EVGA OC Scanner that comes with an artifact scanner. - what it will do is as you play a game or run an intensive test it will scan and count artifacts (IF ANY). and if there turned out to be artifacts you will know that something is not right and has to be changed to prevent long time damage to the card.

I hope that gives you an idea, my brother has a factory overclocked GTX 770 aswell and i setup a decent and safe overclock settings for his card that way to make sure its safe.
Good luck smile.gif
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Thank you so much for your fast reply! So you think 70 - 72 Celsius is a decent full load temperature? I set my temp target to 80 C and it doesn't ever get close so I haven't experienced any throttling. I just want my card to last me 3 years, that's all I really need. I will go ahead and lower voltages to stock and see if it helps temps (which it obviously should!).

Edit: Yeah, dropping voltages to stock forced GPU Boost 2.0 to drop my Core Clock under load to 1267 MHz from 1280 MHz (which is a negligible difference). I'd take a few celsius lower rather than 13 mhz core clock tongue.gif
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