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MSI Gaming 770

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I am using an MSI Gaming 770 4gb, and first of all if the fan goes above 70% makes aweful rattling noise. Anyone know of a fix for this? Also when gaming my core clock wont clock all the way up. Is this normal?
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If the graphic card fan noise gets noticeable as you play games or run an extensive test on the GPU - thats normal

If its pretty bad as the fans spin up to where its sounds like the whole card is rattling around and moving the whole card - that is not normal

problem : the fan might of been damaged or installed incorrectly or even bent to where when it ramps up, it shakes the whole card and makes really loud noise.

Solution : if its a new card you might be able to RMA it and get it replaced / fixed (replaced preferably) and that should fix your problem.

do your best to make sure there is no wires or anything compressing down on the card's fans, always make sure that the fans are able to rotate freely.

I hope that gives you an idea. good luck

EDIT: you are also able to download a software or two to monitor your card's behavior, temps and clocks as you game. that should give you an idea of how your card is performing, and if you see something out of place, you should be able to mess with it until you get your card to perform (using OC tools) as you expect it to etc...
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You need to check the housing and see if you see an oil sheen, if so you have a bad bearing seal on your fan
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