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Hi Folks,

So I play online mmo flight sims. One thing I have been never able to understand is the real time attributes of online gaming.

I use a semi high end game pc, 4GHz cpu, 1688MHz ram, SLI'ed GTX 260 vid cards. I use an ADSL, ISP with a 3/768 service bandwidth, and my ping times to the flight sim servers has always been at 70ms and less consistently. I have been as low as 30ms during Fighter Ace days.

I understand that as I play, I am really just playing the game on my PC. All plane, bullet, rocket, bomb, tank object positioning is relayed through the server to the various players, several hundred in this case, so that all players are really just playing out the game on their own pc's and that all are never truly on the same page at the same time. All players are ms's apart in real time due to internet latency and the players location in the world.
ie US, or Europe, or Japan. The server does its best to maintain an up to date game state.

I always feel like my pc is behind the curve as compared to others.
ie: I have already been killed on the opponents pc and just do not know it yet.
ie: I feel I have rubber bullet syndrome

When playing I do not use pc for anything else but game, no torrents, music or anything else is working. My NICs MAC addy has been given high priority thru the modem/router. My NIC as well as pc had all the known adjustments applied. I get 85% of the bandwidth I pay for.

What's happening here? Is there a way to get more in sync with the opponents?

Over the years I have tried all the tips, used different PC's and I always feel like I'm behind the curve. Mostly I have come to realize I am not a very good player, did not grow up with PC's available, cannot even type, so I am not quick with the hand to eye stuff but still.

I built the PC, I built the flight controllers, so I understand some things. I do not want cheats or hacks, just want to be able to compete and get as close to a real time experience as possible.