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Greetings, I am seeking a little advice on my overclock here. I will give some background on my rig and settings and see what people suggest. I have the overclock so far stable but i have a small issue.
No blue screens, no crashes or resets nothing along that end.
My one issue is that the system stalls for 5-10 seconds on rare occasions when opening applications. I can go into metro, alt tab back into running applications and they are fine.. anything that was open prior is not affected by the slowdown, so i assume it is the explorer task itself that stalls. After 5-10 seconds it returns to normal no issues no crash no error report.. and this issue does not even show up in logs.

I suspect this issue is being caused by not enough voltage in one setting or another. So i am seeking advice on what voltage setting is most probably causing the trouble and what i should be using generally at that setting. I suspect i can lower some voltages once i figure out what voltage is causing my issue. I also don't plan to aim for 4.5 gigs as i don't like the volts needed to make it stable (took me 1.32 and tempts got a little to close to the 85 mark in prime95)

Running Windows 8.1 fully patched
First off, 4770k, clocked at 100x44 so far. 1.23 volts with 0.025 offset (runs at 1.255 under heavy load)
Ring bus is at x40 with 1.18 volts 0.03 offset
System Agent offset is at 0.075 Volts
Z87-G45 Motherboard, Bios version 1.7
H60 Corsair cooler,
Corsair Memory, 2133 9/11/11/31 (but i have it running at 9/10/10/28) 4x4gb sticks 1.65volts
Gigabyte780ti video card(Most recent drivers beta version)
750Watt Corsair Modular gold power supply
Samsung 500 Evo SSD
3TB WD black and a 1TB WD black backup

The listed voltages have been set to override with adaptive turned off.

Prime95, x264, Memtest as well as Catzilla all clear multiple passes with no issue (prime for 4 hours stable stopped it at that point)

I suspect System Agent is my setting i need to adjust to fix this issue as I had to raise this setting fore stability when i moved up to 4.3 and so tried bumping it to .07 from the .05 that i used at 4.3 (trying .09 now as .07 and .08 did not solve my issue)

I am thinking i can lower my Ring bus voltage once i get this issue resolved but don't want to lower it till i figure out this.. pause problem.