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As a person that has always had smaller partitions on my hard drives or separate USB drives set as virtual memory, I ve recently discovered a USB drive that can be repartitioned and used as 7 (seven) Virtual Memory Drives with significant performance results.

STAPLES ( yep, the office superstore) has a 32 gig USB drive named RELAY. Staples brand.

Using the Control panel/ administrative tools/ computer management/ storage / disk management

Delete the primary partition (left click) Delete Volume

Once the drive is clean, Right click, Create Partition, etc ...

I choose a size of 4100

Repeat Six more times, you end up with 3 primary partitions and 4 extended partitions, the last partition is about 5 + gigs

Set the partitions as virtual memory by getting preferences on "my computer"/ properties / , go to advanced system settings/ Performance / advanced

Set the minimum for each Virtual Memory drive to 3950 and the max to 4000. I found significant performance enhancement across all areas from downloads to benchmarks. Its like having an extra 28 gig just sitting around waiting to be used. Hope this works for you.