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started to build my HTPC/NAS machine and having some issues with what seems to be intel graphics driver.
i have i3 4330 (HD 4600), asrock b85m pro4 mobo and a plan of using intel's onboard GPU connected to AV receiver and then to the TV.
it works fine with standard win7 (fresh install) graphics driver but as soon as the intel display driver gets installed(tried asrock website, windows update) it starts to act weird...just after you install the driver you get prompted to restart for the changes to take effect. When i restart it you can see the mobo logo then it goes to "starting Windows" screen and than it looks like the signal stops being transmitted via HDMI (HDMI icon on the receiver switches off and TV goes into it's power saving mode).
I can boot it fine in the safe mode and when i uninstall the intel graphics driver the issue is gone (screen is back to 1280 resolution)
Onboard GPU is set as primary in UEFI...not sure if there is any other GPU config options except voltage/MHz.
This is my first desktop build based on the integrated GPU - had several dedicated cards and HDMI alaways seemed to be PnP connection
I use onboard on the laptop and never had any issues with it on several OS'es...
Would be really grateful for any suggestions...