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I make this thread for more like a question about stuff not strightly pc sided. Reason i makre it like this is because i need help over deciding on pc desk. My current one is abit too small for me and im looking for something without backpanel on desk at all so i can mount there monitor arm.

My current desk i got off for penies it was second hand desk just for temporary use that prolonged for months.

dont mind the leafelet on lamp, i just recently got it and cba to take it off (im so lazy)

Do never stick stickers on hangover mode or you will result in this:

Luckily was sober and not on hangover when it arrived so i sticked it properly biggrin.gif

Now lets come back to main problem. My room is rather small and so im limited to single story desks without fancy shapes and stuff, it's not a problem for me since im opting for rather minimalistic look. Minimalism+mess nice combo XD

So here is a desk im currently looking to buy

ebay uk

Its slighty longer and higher than the desk i have (matter of 2-3 cm in all dimensions, just checked) so im pretty sure it will fit and be abit bigger so ill be bit farer from the screen)
But what im afraid of is the glass panel, its hardened and stuff but as im mostly dining in my room im bit afraid i will scratch it very easily with plates and stuff. I could probably get somewhere big mates that could prevent me from scratching it but that's another expense so id rather not have to buy another stuff. If you got any other props for me about the desk please do know that postage is limited to uk borders.