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Originally Posted by cpmee View Post

HWinfo64/32 will show core temp and socket temps and a lot more info than AI Suite. I do like Fan Xpert in AI Suite a lot though.
AMD OverDrive will show the Thermal Margin left available on the core.
Of course. The Thermal Margin on the FX chips is 70C core. Socket can go 10C higher, but you may start to throttle before then. Put a fan on the vrms and a fan on the backside of the mobo in the socket area to reduce socket and vrm temps.

I also would recommend using HWinfo64/32 depending on OS of course.
Link for ease: www.hwinfo.com/download.php
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I just got Hwmonitor64 and it works just fine on 8.1

havent looking into hwinfo yet though

8.1 working just fine on the other hand is still up in the air lol...
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