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I have an proposal:

I am going to write an article for online magazine about current interesting casemods (finished or almost finished).

This article should be a recurring in the future (maybe 3 months period).

It will consist of several chapters (6 to 10) where one chapter (or two) will be dedicated to each selected mod.

There will be brief general description and perhaps some discussion of specific cool features the mod brings. The rest will be about pictures with one sentence captions.

Now to what I need to write these articles properly:

1) To know about the cool mods out there (I watch worklogs etc, but I don't catch all the interesting stuff going on). This is where all of you guys can help out - you could just let me know about the cool stuff you noticed in past few months.

2) Once I know about a mod/log and I think its interesting for readers I will have to ask the author for permission to use photos. This is quite important.

3) If author is ok with his mod being published somewhere, it would be great if he could choose the best photos of his work and provide some description for those photos.

I believe this is an interesting and mutually beneficial proposal for modders posting here. They got more publicity and readers of the articles will enjoy the superb projects and ideas.

Anyways let me know your ideas and suggestions.