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I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 7720 notebook with 1 TB spinning HDD and 32 GB SSD used for Intel Rapid Storage and Intel Rapid Start technologies. I haven't discovered how it's set up because it just worked as I expected. But one day SSD failed and I had to recreate partitions for Rapid Storage and Rapid Start and re-enabled them. Now I wonder, what's the correct set up. I'm almost (but not absolutely smile.gif sure, that before there wasn't "hiberfil.sys" in the root of system partition. But Windows hibernation had to be enabled, I think, since I was able to use it (for example set power button action to hibernation and closing lid action to sleep). Now I have Windows hibernation enabled, but "hiberfil.sys" is located in the root of system partition on spinning HDD and when I use hibernation, it hibernates regular Windows way, not to Rapid Start.

I would like to have this set up:

1. When I close the lid, put notebook into the sleep mode. (this works)
2. When there is critical battery level and notebook is in the sleep mode, put it into the Rapid Start mode (this works)
3. When I press the power button, put notebook to the Rapid Start mode immediately (this works partially, because it puts notebook into the regular Windows hibernation mode)
4. "hiberfil.sys" only on the hibernation partition on SSD (when I disable Windows hibernation, I'm not able to assign hibernation (Rapid Start) to the power button)

Simply I would like to put system into a sleep when I close the lid and to the Rapid Start hibernation immediately when I press the power button.

Is that possible? I'm almost sure, that it worked exactly the same way initially smile.gif

Thank you for any advice and have a nice day!