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Going to start building my new server from next Friday.
Using mostly old parts, as I've just rebuilt the main rig too.

I've got 2 OCZ Vertex 3, 120GB SSDs and a 3 year old 1TB Western Digital green drive which I could use for OS. As I've saturated the 6 3TB HDDs I have, and looking to build it bigger reliability of the OS drive is important. Which would you choose? I know the OCZ drives aren't exactly rated for reliability (other than the initial blue screen issues though, I've not had any issues with them since the firmware patch).
I'm also considering getting a new SSD, 120GB Samsung Pro or something known for reliability, would anyone have any suggestions for those? Only thing with that though is that the Samsung Pros are a little pricey, and the way I look at things is that I could get a different SSD with twice the storage for the same price. That'd also free up the Vertex 3's solely for music streaming through Subsonic.

A few other general questions. For OS, I'm going to be moving from Unraid, to Windows due to Unraids very limited use. I can get a free Windows 7 Pro key for free, or I can buy Windows Home Server for about £30. The extra £30 doesn't bother me at all. But what would the benefits/disadvantages be of Windows Home Server? I know it's limited for media playback, but I'm not too sure about anything else.
I intend to use this server for Plex, Subsonic and most likely Minecraft and Teamspeak/Mumble. Maybe other game servers in the future. May also consider putting my Blu Ray drive in there too from my main rig, although I'm not too sure on that yet, so possibly DVDFab too. (So basically are there any type of restrictions on certain programs using Home Server).

How much are SAS cards? The motherboard I will be using has 8 Sata ports. Potentially might have three SSDs here (which will probably use one of the optical drive bays). And potentially an optical drive. Which makes four before I even get to the storage drives, of which I have six and need another two.
The case I'm looking at is the Nanoxia Deep Silence 5, which has space for 11 HDDs plus the optical drives, should I choose to increase further in the future. So for now I think an 8 port SAS card will be enough.

Following on with the case, without looking at rackmounts, is there a better solution out there for storage? That thing ticks all the boxes for me, sound dampening, doesn't look like a transformer, space for 11 HDDs without having to buy HDD racks, four optical bays and at very good price of around £100.

Final question I think for now, how would you rate Flexraid and is there a better alternative? Currently got 6 drives with Unraid, one of which is a parity.