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hi !
i'm new on this forum !

I have a problem with my new 290 (no x).

this is my configuration
-i5 4670k
-msi z87 g45
-HX850w corsair
-ssd evo 840 120gb
-ddr vengeance pro 2133

the problem is:
if I set on bios PEG to GEN3 (or auto) the video card sapphire crash (or blue screen or driver crash) under haven 4.0 , 3dmark , furmark, and 3d game.

if I set on bios PEG to GEN2 all is ok!! the scores of benchmarsk is in the avarage for the sapphire 290 oc, i can overclock without problem and play etc..

I'm sure that this isn't a problem of motherboard because i have tried with a Biostar z87(i changed only the MB) and crash on pcie 3.0 and not in 2.0 frown.gif

So ,the problem is on controller of pci e 3.0. I saw that this controller is in the die of cpu.

I don't understand frown.gif . If it is a CPU problem i can't send it to the vendor because I delidded it but if it is a vga problem i can send it to the vendor.

can you help me?