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Hello all i would like to present to you my program i have been developing for quite some time now called UEFI Download Tool.

You can visit my website to download it.
You can support me by clicking this link
Or you can go to this direct link instead

• Messages has been revised.
• Refresh buttons were added in Messages.
• You can now reply to a message in Messages.
• UEFI Update has been revised.
• Helpful information checkboxes were added to the UEFI Update tab so you can now see what is currently going on while checking for updates.
• When checking for UEFI Updates now it will check your set manufacturers website to see if they are online first before continuing.

Details about it are listed below↓

The Main GUI:

Motherboard Secure Check:

A detailed informational video i have made about everything in the program↓
UEFI Download Tool is a Tool that will find any UEFI updates for your desktop motherboard.
Works for all CPU Sockets and chipsets.
Supported Motherboard Manufacturers: ASUS, ASRock, MSI, Gigabyte, Dell, Alienware.

CPU: Intel Pentium G3258 @ 3.20GHz OC'd 4.40GHz
RAM: 1866 8-9-9-25-1 1.575v
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