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external display with macbook pro 15 inch losing signal randomly

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Sorry guys, some of you may notice that I have another thread here in regards of the same issue. Please disregard that thread as it wasn't clear.

So I just had this issue again while I was browsing on internet: I having a 2k monitor with resolution of 2560x1440 and I connect my macbook pro 15 inch with it via thunderbolt-dual link dvi adapter (the one from apple ). I have my mouse plugged into the usb port on the power hub of the adapter, the two cables from the adapter plugged straight into the thunderbolt and usb ports on my laptop and one wireless keyboard receiver on the last usb port on my laptop. The monitor will sometimes lose singal for few seconds and come back by itself very quick.(dont even see the message where it says no signal detected) Also, the power light on the monitor is on (doesn't change colours )and the display on my macbook pro remains the same while the monitor signal is lost. And this only happened while I use my monitor on dvi input(I have a ps4 connect to the same monitor via hdmi and it never had signal lost).

I checked the adapter and the cable twice and I am sure they are plugged in tight(it has to be tight right...). So I am not sure where it goes wrong that caused my monitor randomly lose signal while using the dvi input..please help. ...

thank you all in advanced.

-broken monitor? (but my friend was using my monitor for his pc via the dvi port and it didn't happen to him)
-broken laptop?(but the display on the laptop remains the same while the signal on the external monitor drops)
-broken cable?(not sure about this one)
-The signal drops doesn't happen everyday. The third time it happened is four days after the second time.

Some people may ask me why I am not using a mini display port-display port cable. Its because the mini display port-display port cable does not work with my 15 inch laptop and this specific monitor. It shows red static line on the top edges of the monitor if i use that cable(and yes i did get one on ebay). However, the dual link dvi adapter worked perfectly until I discovered this issue recently and it already happened three times)
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It took me a while to fix this as well :-) I even tried the Kanex adaptor. Here is the trick. Plug the USB cable from the dual link DVI adaptor directly into a powered USB adaptor with at least 1Amp output. Use the power adaptor that comes with iPads. That fixed a similar problem with another monitor I had. It works perfect now.

You may also try the Kanex from Amazon - Kanex iAdapt C30 MDPC30 Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter + USB for Apple Cinema Display 30-Inch

I actually have a brand new Kanex that I never ended up using since I fixed my problem with the dedicated powered USB adaptor. I used the Apple dual lin DVI by the way version 1.03
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