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This is worthy of its own thread. Logitech discontinued the Trackman Wheel t-bb18. Probably the best trackball of all time. They gave us the M570 in return. There is no wired version of the M570. I think the M570 would be an out of this world mouse if it was wired. Personally I hate any PC peripherals that are battery operated and wireless. Don't get me wrong though, I think the M570 is a great trackball mouse for what it is. Alot of people would like a wired version though. And Logitech while you are at it.....why can't you do something like this (below)? A trackball on a speedpad.. man.. would that be sweet. You have the money, the, resources,the lawyers to do your own variation of nostromo/belkin/razers product. Make it happen! But I still want my wired version of the M570

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