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A10 7850K build - RAM Problem

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My build is:
Gigabyte F2A88XM-D3H (Bios version F5)
A10 7850K APU (Stock Fan)
Kingston Hyper X Beast 2133Mhz (2x8GB) - Slots 2 and 4
Intel SSD
WD Green 2TB HDD
cooler Master 600W PSU
Sapphire R9 270X 4GB

Task Manager detects the RAM as "1333Mhz"
See below:

Have AMD Overdrive installed

Seeking assistance to making this motherboard to support 2133Mhz DRAM speed.
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Try manually setting it for the speed you want, get CPU-Z and see what it says. I've been having issues with a different board, different RAM getting it to 2133. Best I've been able to do is 1866.
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Same here ASUS A88X-Pro can't get 2133Mhz RAM to 2133Mhz best I can do is 1866Mhz with 8Clk. No matter how loose I got I can't make 2133Mhz stable.
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I managed to make it looks like "2133Mhz, but idk y task manager is not registering that.
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ASUS Posted BIOS 1001 a few days ago for the A88X-Pro motherboard. I still couldn't manually reach 2133Mhz on this RAM but with a combo of some manual loadline settings and using the auto DOCP option I'm now running the RAM at stable 2133Mhz at rated timings. I also managed to get a 10% OC on the processor at the same time. Seems my limitation was not the hardware but the BIOS software. Here's to hoping more improved BIOS's come out for these FM2+ motherboards.
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I'm debating how surprised I am by this since it seems to be a pretty widespread issue across several motherboard manufacturers. Good to hear Asus is starting to fix it. biggrin.gif
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