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I'm looking to purchase a new laptop for work. Most of my work is software development. I expect to spend about $1.5k, but could go higher or lower. I'm located in Canada.

What I want from this laptop:
1) Portable and light : I'm thinking 13.3 inch screen, around 3 - 3.5lbs. I will be traveling 10-20% of my time. I will also be biking with this laptop to work every day.
2) Capable of supporting two 1440p monitors (the laptop screen can be off) + external keyboard + mouse. A dock I could buy to accommodate this would be nice, but not required.
3) A nice screen on the laptop. 1080p or higher, good viewing angles, good colours. No touch needed.
4) I will be installing Linux on this laptop. I don't care about the brand as long as it is well made and will run Linux without too many issues.

Anything not mentioned above can be compromised on to meet requirements 1-4 if needed.