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ASrock Z77ITXE very hot under load

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with my sig rig, exception of a GTX 780. Under prime there are some capacitors with a funky heatsink attached (look up pics of my board)., i first i though it was the southbridge but it just looks like capacitors. Anyways its very hot to touch, i would wager a guess at 70C or so as i cant hold my finger there for more than 5 seconds without it starting to hurt. Is this something i should be worried about? Also what exactly are these?? like is said this is just around the CPU socket.,
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those are powerphases

they supply clean reliable power to your cpu

If they are super hot downclock your blk

or cpu
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What is a safe temp for these? Also I don't want to down clock my CPU frown.gif...what is blk? And there is a heatsink on them but I imagine pointing a fan directly on the heatsink would help. Also they only ever get hot under prime...CPU intensive tasks and gaming just get it warm
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I never let mine get over 150F

supposedly safezone is about 100C but I don't trust that

point a fan and that may help....

blk is your multiplier...

either downclock or degrade you components simple as that though...
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i have another slot (zalman z9) for a side panel fan...i picked up an angle bracket at bent it at a 45 so the fan is basically pointing direct in that area. This seems to have cooled it down exponentially, with the expense of more clutter in the tpo portion of the case. I will never buy another ITX form factor board again. I have tons of room beneath my 780 and it seperates half the case's airflow, while everything above it is crammed and cluttered. Oh well it is keeping the Mobo cool, and thats what matters right?

at what temp does skin burn? I can hold my finger on the heatsink however it is slightly painful after 10 Seconds (burning)...But not unbearable as i can hold it there longer...this is with the fan installed.

Out of curiosity what are you using to measure temps?
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I got a fancy IR thermometer

I personally wouldn't OC on a ITX and lowest I would go is a matx. I had a shuttle once, and short story... It sucked...

no idea about skin burning..
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