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Took my BIOS Modded XFX 7970 1200/1600 DD GE Card and decided to go water cooled! Mostly because wife always complains that that my computer is loud and heats up the room super fast.

Shout outs to Kahboom for the hard work over a few days helping adjust the timing and voltage of the memory on the card to allow higher stable clocks.

richie-2010 for the start even though I ended up not using all of his bracket.

And to the creators of VBE7 and the staff for maintaing a valuable and useful forum.

This was my first majorly stressful and time consuming mod. Took about 24 hours worth of work due to not having a bunch of tools and working with what I had. Also I bought this card for about 585 USD when it came out and could not afford to break it.

Got myself a Corsair H100i off ebay used for $35.00 took me weeks of bidding to finally snag a good shape water cooler. Got the bracket screws and small copper shim from richie_2010. Rest was done by hand with screw drivers, dremmel, and a hand saw.

Grabbed myself some AS5 for the RAM, and VRM chips. Reused the stock XFX cooler mount after some prying of industrial grade glue from between it and the copper sink. Reused the stock fan, and applied a coat of gloss black 600F engine enamel to cover up the dremmel smoothing and re-shaping. Also picked up some AS5 Thermal ADHESIVE as well and applied some extra heat sinks to the areas around the water cooler to help cool the ram as well.

Now the water cooler cold plate covered not only the chip but some of the stock cooler mount as well so I had to use the shim to make up the difference. Because of its size as well I couldn't use the included bracket but the screw hole on the top were in ALMOST the right spot so I drilled them through and mounted it. Screws are slightly crooked but mounted well and do not seem to be putting too much pressure on the card.

Max load temps dropped from 85+ and crashing mostly to 73 and stable on full load. Regular game play the card stays at about 55C. Using just the 2 120mm fans that came with the cooler master HAFxB 1160 RPM so there is defiantly room for improvement.

My next step is going to take the remaining bracket from the fan shroud and try to get a fan mounted on the other side of the water block to cool over there as well. Works a bit sloppy but I'm glad it worked out.

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