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i am a total noob at BIOS flashing. i just watched this video and was wondering...Is this how i would go about flashing a bios onto the GTX 780? < > or is this one bbetter ?A?A [ ]

I have a msi gtx 780 gaming twin frozr OC with a BIOS version [80.10.3A.00.26]
I dowloaded skyn3ts ROM as follows:

MSI TwinFrozr OC
Version 80.10.3A.00.26
Base core clock 954 Mhz
Disabled boost
3d voltage adjustable
1.212v unlocked
Fan Idle 20%
Fan bumped to 100%
Default power target 100% 330w by 150% slide 500w

now if i was to use the flashing method in the video to flash my gfx card, will it work? And more importantly the ROM I have...will that work?

thank you.
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