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Oh really? Tell me more about how burning coal only produces water vapor.
Okay. Clearly no one in this thread knows what a coal fired plant is. Here, I labeled the picture to make it nice and easy for the non educated to understand.

Yes, coal fire plants contain cooling towers, and what comes out of those towers is water vapor. They also contain smokestacks. What, you think they burn all that coal and theres NO SMOKE AT ALL? Who believes that?

You missed the point in your zeal to be a jerk.

The big puffy clouds coming out of those things you labeled smokestacks is, actually, water vapor. And yes, water vapor is quite a lot of what comes off of burning things, but the actual answer is the post a bit further up the thread where another poster explains that sometimes coal powerplants will vent off steam through the smokestacks.

Actual coal-burning emissions are mostly clear with a bit of dark stuff - not the big dramatic clouds. But nice try, you almost had it.