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iv seen thsi on 2 msi intel board (h81+)

plug in a usb storage device, (empty card reader, usb stick, or usb drive enclosure)

attempt to boot, bios shows it fine, windows max out 1 core and no usb devices will work (keyboard/mouse/drives ect..)
(task manager shows 99% idle while 1 core is pinned, resource monitor shows 'system interrupts' is using 40-50% of a dual core cpu)

pc will not shut down on its own (need to hit reset or hold power)

unplug usb storage devices, reboot

pc is fine, plug in drives ect.. and they work properly

tried disabling usb xhci ect.. in bios, no difference
disable legacy usb, no diff

swapped the msi h81m-e33 for a asus h81m-plus everything works fine from boot

until msi fixes this i will be avoiding msi boards all together

*using win7-64