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Hey guys I am a Total Noob with this Motherboard and have a question maybe someone can help me with ?

I have the Rampage IV Black edition MB
Intel i7- 4960X Processor
Dominator Platinum - Memory - 4 x 4 GB •2800 MHz Ram
wd velociraptor wd1000dhtz 10,000 rpm HD

Every time I hook the WD HD to the SATA 6 ports or the SATA 3 ports the MB wont post it hits the splash screen with the hit
DEL or F2 to enter the Bios but it just hangs ??
I cant figure out what's going on I know the drive works perfectly ?
In the BIOS I see the 6gb SATA is turned on, its on AHCI , Could that be my problem should that be set to IDE ?
I really am unsure if maybe the SATA 6 is having an issue or I just don't have something configured correctly ..
I hooked a regular WD SATA HD up and it sees that fine, that's why Im confused..
I tried different cables, every sata port and still nothing ..

I apologize for the question but I seem to be really stuck frown.gif

If anyone could lend a suggestion I would very much appreciate it .

Steve K