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[Appraisal] Decked out Maingear Shift  

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A buddy of mine wanted to sell his Maingear Shift, I know it probably cost around $7K when it was bought new, but what is it really worth now?

Here is the website where you can customize these machines for reference: http://www.maingear.com/custom/desktops/shift/index.php?gclid=CLO2rNPo7L0CFUQF7AodZAwA3g

It's a MainGear Shift with the following options:

Chassis: chassis-SHIFT-W - MAINGEAR SHIFT Chassis with Advanced Vertical Heat $129.00 Dissipation with Window

Chassis Lighting: lighting-white - White LED Light Strip

Exterior Finish: ext-burnt-orange-metallic - Burnt Orange Metallic - Glossy finish featuring $599.00 Glasurit paints

Interior Finish: int-standard - Stock Black Included

Chassis Modification: mod-acoustipak - AcoustiPack Ultimate Sound Dampening $129.00

Chassis Modification: bay-icydock-MB453SPF-B - Front-mounted 3 Drive SATA Hotswap $99.00

Chassis Modification: ss-FM181x2 - Performance Chassis Cooling Upgrade $59.00

Motherboard: mb-90-MIBHF0-G0EAY00Z - Asus® Rampage IV Extreme Supporting USB 3.0, SATA 6G, PCI-E 3.0

Processor: cpu-intel-i73960X - Intel® Core™ i7 3960X Six-core 3.3GHz/3.9GHz $483.00 Turbo 15MB L3 Cache w/ HyperThreading

Processor Cooling: cooler-epic140mm - MAINGEAR EPIC 140 Supercooler

Memory: mem-corsair-2xCMZ16GX3M4X1866C9 - 32GB Corsair® Vengeance™ DDR3-1866 1.5V (8x4GB)

Graphics and GPGPU gpu-nvidia-gtx590x2-epic - 2x NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 590 6GB $1,625.00 Accelerator: Total GDDR5 SLI with MAINGEAR EPIC X2 Liquid Cooling

Power Supply: ps-silverstone-1500W - 1.5KW Silverstone Strider Modular Industrial Power $232.00 Supply

Hard Drive Bay One: ssd-samsung-rgx - 64GB
Memory Card Reader:

fcr-allinone - All-in-One Integrated USB 2.0 Flash Card Reader & Writer

Audio Enhancement:

ae-mg-epicaudio - MAINGEAR® EPIC™ Audio Engine

Ethernet Adapter:

nic-onboard - On-board Gigabit Ethernet


Operating System:

os-windows7-ultimate64 - Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Thank you!
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Personally i would sell the parts instead of the complete system. You will be able to keep the ones you want too!
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That's not a bad idea, some of the things like the custom paint and what-not were expensive but not a whole lot of people will want to pay for it second hand. A lot of the parts are still worth some dough. Dual GTX 590's!
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I would keep the board and the i7-3960x maybe both 590s. It's all up to what you want to keep though! biggrin.gif
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If you ever part out with this. I'd love to take the case! The Shift is an amazing case aesthetically in build quality and function as I already own one.

Interested in the EPIC Audio engine as well.
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Alright I here's my proposed listing for parting out. thumb.gif

Case: $300 + Shipping / $350 + shipping with the EPIC audio engine.

Mobo: $250 Shipped

RAM: $250-$300 Shipped

PSU: $175 Shipped

GTX 590: $800 Shipped for both or $400 Shipped each since it has a custom cooler attached.

EPIC 140 cooler: $40-$50 Shipped

EPIC Audio Engine: $100 Shipped for the module alone

3960X: $500 Shipped, since it doesn't come with original box
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