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Ok, so far:

  1. scroll wheel is fine, but only in free spinning wheel mode (still sometimes going in wrong directions [up-down] , I think it's speed threshold should be increased) - I had to use dota_disable_camera_zoom 1
  2. normal scroll is too audible (and you can feel scrolling on the whole body of the mouse)
  3. so far no accidental tilts
  4. MMB - it's hard to press it
  5. G6, G7 for me these are too far on the left side, that's why I turned them into utility keys (you can't use them efficiently in action, but it's still nice to have them - like open shop, quick buy)
  6. G5, G4 - these are fine, I can bind abilities to them
  7. sniper button, same as G5 and G4, but I couldn't use it as MMB and drag my camera with it (muscle memory), the movement felt awkward
  8. gliders are horrible, especially these small ones around the sensor, they've got tons of garbage on the sides, and I bought new mousepad for this mouse
  9. i can use the mouse without bottom plate, glide isn't worse cause of this, but loosing balance is possible (depends on your grip, if you tend to lay your finger on the prop, you will have to play with bottom plate)
  10. No accidental right-button presses when dropping the mouse (ok it happened to me, but I tried to hit it very hard - not possible in gaming sessions)
  11. Max speed on CM Storm Power-RX is ~4.00m/s - I guess I'll have to replace it
  12. When I move the mouse very slowly, mouseratechecker reports 0-150Hz frequencies, is it because:
    It just measures the time between two "WM_MOUSEMOVE" messages
    and calculates the frequency.


         and my mouse looses some reports due to bad mousepad?


I'm definitely with you here. As someone who has also almost played for 10 years, I don't like using MMB to pan either but sometimes it's useful and more efficient. From what I've seen, most pros use a bit of both. I would say 90 to 95% of the time they edge pan, but I've seen a few players that use MMB from time to time, like SingSing and Chaun (assuming you follow DOTA2, idk if you do).

also S4 uses it, and many SC2 players. It's faster in theory, but I agree that it's matter of habit.

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