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So I have two 280x cards and have had this since December with no issues. I recently got a 4770k and a new motherboard so I thought I would reformat everything and even clean the dust out of the fans and rads.

Technical Issues:
So I was having some issues with ghosting of windows on the desktop when I moved them, but switching over to a Windows 7 theme fixed that. During the course of trying to realize that I downloaded beta drivers that didnt seem all too stable. While trying to download a game off the next and crypto mining I was experiencing I guess what appeared to be artifacting or small blue boxes on my desktop.

I uninstalled the beta drivers and when back to drivers I found off the Gigabyte Website for one of the two cards I have. The other being an Asus Top edition. It seemed to fix the artifact problem. It also seemed to fix a mining problem where it would lock up my whole computer (making me think drivers are unstable).

So basically I still think I have some driver issues.. Or I hope there driver issues. So this morning I wake up to my computer still on but no display and it was not longer mining. Ifs happened to me in the past but not in the last month of so prior to switching out the board. I am also getting some stuttering in ESO from time to time that I never had before, but could always be game related..

The issues arent terrible, but I dont like stability issues and worried about the stuttering..

Physical Issues:
I took apart both gpus, basically removing the top of the case to gain better access to the fans and rads. One of the blades on my Gigabyte wasnt freely moving and still isnt.. It is spinning now, but earlier it wasnt.. Maybe some dust got stuck in in the bearings? I tried looking up if there was a way to take it apart but got no info on it.. Also the Asus which ran silent before now has a whine at idle. I think maybe a blade is hitting something, but when its at 100% while I am mining its silent again.. It very odd and annoying. I took it apart again and put it back together and it was still making the same noise, but when I applied pressure to the card with my finger the noise stopped..

I know the physical issues are my doing and was hoping for some advise, but the technical issues with stability I dont know exactly the problem.. I doubt it has anything to do with the new mobo and cpu as those are still running stuck but could it? I am running my mining program off the same setting I did for the last few months so it should be rock solid by now, because it was...

Any insight or advise it appreciated as I am scratching my head over here..
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