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Fans for NexXos UT60 240mm

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I'm going to add the radiator to my current loop and I need some good fans for it

The loop will be Heatkiller CPU block, 2 EK GTX770 blocks and then a Nexxxos ST30 360mm and the UT60 240.

The thing is that I've been reading through a lot of reviews, posts, suggestions and whatnot to the point of having a pretty good headache.

Everything suggests either the GT 15 which are impossible to get for me now or the SP120. Now I could get the latests but I'm thinking with the low fpi of that rad, maybe I don't need as much high pressure and could use with some less noisy ones.

The only restriction is that I don't want them to be PWM as i'll be using 3 pin controllers all the time anyway.
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Are you planning to run a single set of fans in either push or pull or fans on both sides in push-pull?

Noiseblocker eLoops are great fans designed for use in 'push' on a rad. They can have issues if used in 'pull' though.

Alpenföhn 120 Wing Boost fans are reportedly good too, but I believe still scarce in the US. If you are in the US though, you might still be able to get your hands on AP-14, AP-15, or AP-00 (aka AP-45) Gentle Typhoons for no more than those eLoops go for though, and any of those would still be your best bet.
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I'm in Spain, and the idea is for Push because the rad is going on the bottom of a NZXT 810 Switch
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