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Hey all,

I've never built an HTPC before and would like to put together something that has Steam In-Home Streaming and XBMC capabilities, plus bonus points for Sab/CP/SB and some emulator functionality. Preferably stream at 60fps and 10b0p. No Blu-ray necessary.

Some details: 1
.)I have a NAS box storing all of my media, so a ton of storage is not necessary.
2.)It's possible that I won't be able to run an ethernet connection to this thing, so may have to rely on Wifi
3.)The gaming PC from which Steam will be streaming is fairly robust and powerful.
4.)I currently have my usenet stuff and xbmc.mylibrary (for updating PlayOn links) running 24/7 on my gaming PC. I'd like to move those functions over to the HTPC, which will probably be used less and won't be relied upon for working at home and gaming.
5.)Silence would be great, because this thing is going in our bedroom.

No set budget--I'd like to know what I'm looking at to achieve all of these goals simultaneously. Definitely open to watercooling, as well.


I should clarify that I while I'd like to move my usenet automated setup to the HTPC, the files will still be downloaded to and stored on my NAS. It's just that I've had trouble running those programs on the NAS.