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Bf4 Lag spikes :-/

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As the title suggests I am getting massive and frequent lag spikes in battlefield 4 which I cant get rid of. I think its cpu side as it runs at 94% and it makes no difference weather i'm on ultra or low settings. I usually get around 40+ fps but every few settings it goes down to about 5. I've already turned off Amd hd Audio which helped a bit and unparked my cores. Any more suggestions would be appreciated smile.gif Also, I'm using mantle which I thought was supposed to get rid of cpu bottlenecking.

A8 6600k (OC to 4.2 ghz)
R9 270 (Oc to 1150 Mhz)
16 gigs of ram
fm2 a55m e33 motherboard
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There is an common bug that is effecting thousands of people in BF4 currently. It's called an "Memory Leak" bug which is originating from your Non Paged Pool side of your page file regardless if its system managed, custom or set to none. There are thousands of threads just like this and I have read about 800 of them. For the time being I can say I have found a "temp" fix for said bug. It's actually very simple, all you have to do is open Origin, right click BF4 and go to Properties and set it to 32bit mode. Then open the BF4 Main Directory and make the BF4 exes set to "windows 7" compatibility mode. Would not hurt to delete the BF4 config file aswell. Optionally you can repair the install if you fear you may have deleted something other.

I unparked my CPU cores for a much more stable 32bit experience also.

Spent 9 hours straight getting this far, I wish anyone goodluck and hope this works until DICE or AMD roll out some real fixes.

The Jist:
32bit prevents the memory leak because it uses lower quality graphics than 64bit and causes less stress on hardware.

Compatibility mode gave me smooth feel across my mouse and keyboard inputs

Deleting the config kept my fps above 60, I had leftover commands in it that I had no idea why I put them in.

Unpark those CPU cores and watch your pc come to life

Been playing BF4 non-stop, but wish I could play in 64bit as the FPS was nearly 60% higher for me then 32bit, I get 120 fps in 32bit with no drops below 60fps, and in 64 I was getting 200fps with no drops below 160 until Memory leak would start.

Not Sure if YOU have this problem?
With MSI Afterburner scroll to the bottom of the hardware monitor tab and watch the RAM and Page File Entries whilst playing BF4, noticed where the Page File is at when you first start to lag, the moment your PC crashes and freezes is when the pagefile caps at 8gigs.
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Thanks so much! This fix worked great and suddenly I can play ultra with no lag smile.gif . Now we just need to wait for EA to get it's act together and fix all this permanently but for now I'm happy.
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