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Widi Driver Problem

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Just finished my first build which includes MSI Mpower Max AC, i7 4770k, 2 x GTX 660 SC.

When installing the Widi driver I receive an error message telling me there is a compatibility issue. I'm assuming this relates to the GPU's, I was therefore wondering:

a) if anyone else has had the compatibility issue message (plenty on Intel support but their 'help' has consisted of rephrasing the same corporate standard response BS over and over)?

b) how did you solve it?

c) would temporarily switching to the Integrated Graphics to install the Widi drivers work? and if so;

d) once the Widi drivers are installed, can I switch back to the GPU's and use the Widi facility?

I'm asking before I try as I have limited knowledge : (
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widi is for the intel igp, not for other gpus

on notebooks with widi and nvidia gpus, they work because the nvidia gpu writes to the intel igp output buffer

if you want to play games, using the pc on a hdtv, best bet would be to use hdmi extender
either cat5 or wireless
cat5, do not plug it into your lan, plug them directly together
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Thanks for the reply, I will try this.

Still need to get the Widi driver to install though : /
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what baord are you using?
it might not have widi
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Thank you for your replies, I appreciate it.

MB is MSI Mpower Max AC. Definitely comes with an intel networking module with Widi capability and a set of drivers. The issue, according to the driver install error, is the compatibility. As you mentioned the Widi is looking for the IGP so I'm guessing I'll need to switch from or disable the GPU's and try install the drivers thereafter. If that works, I'm not sure if I'll need to switch or disable each time I want to use the Widi facility.
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try plugging a monitor/tv into the hdmi/dp and see if it will enable the igp, then install the driver
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