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Nexon has decided to open the gates and let as many testers as possible into the FPS Game beta test! Since you are already part of the test, we want you to invite as many people as you can to come frag with you! Here are a couple of points of information you need:

We will be giving away several prizes to testers who invite the most people! These include a few Roku 3 video streaming boxes, Bluetooth headphones, T-Shirts, and more! Just provide the following link to your friends and family and be sure to have them fill in the referral box in the survey.

We have opened up the requirements to be part of this test. As long as they have a computer that meets the minimum specifications for the game, they will be automatically given a beta key.

We are shooting for 6000 people playing at the same time on Saturday the 26th. So invite as many people as you want!

Feel free to share the invite around the web, on Twitter, on your blog, anywhere you’d like.

So go ahead and invite all of your friends and family to come join you in this fast past, gun wielding, frag fest! Just provide them this link and have them get started right away!

Mark Douglas
Beta Test Manager
Game Beta Testing Opportunity

You’ve been hearing some whispers amongst your friends and loved ones. Perhaps even some furtive looks, or a quick gesture to quiet down as soon as you walk into the room. Are they talking about you? Is there something they’re hiding? Don’t worry, you’re not being paranoid. If you’re reading these words, you’ve been invited by someone you know to join in on a secret mission to beta test an upcoming FPS game. Congratulations, and welcome to the inner circle!

If you’re a big fan of first-person shooter games, your skills and enthusiasm are needed for a new beta test opportunity for a first-person shooter game. Participants in this beta will be able to check out this new game’s features, including innovative new combat mechanics and unique characters, while providing feedback on the game’s stability and performance.

Remember, being a beta test volunteer means devoting time daily to being engaged in testing and providing feedback into the Centercode system. Participants are required to participate in all load tests as part of their role in the project. If you are unwilling or unable to commit to these requirements and participate in the beta test to the best of your ability, do not apply for this opportunity.
Own a PC running Windows XP, 7, or 8
Currently reside in the US
Participants in Centercode projects get the opportunity to see new products before anyone else. Actively engaged participants have the chance to help improve the quality of a product, learn from the experience and meet like minded people in their area of interest. They also can earn a chance to test on other projects.
In addition to these benefits, our top performers (really active and engaged participants) have a chance to earn incentives which can include a sample product, gift certificates or other great stuff.